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Historical evolution

Animal husbandry undertaking without any safeguard at all because pestilence was rampant in Chang-hua County when it recovered in initial stage in Taiwan.
in consideration of prospering agricultural economy, we had to develop the animal husbandry industry first, and in order to perfect the animal husbandry industry we had to strengthen livestock and birds' epidemic prevention work first.


In 1950,, in order to handle prevention work of domestic animals, it set up domestic animal disease diagnosis clinic, including 3 staff members who had worked in livestock products streams to serve there, under agricultural association and agricultural forestry Room down to subsidize in this county.

In 1953, there were 12 people, who was from epidemic prevention of domestic animal, were hired to establish domestic animal's epidemic prevention team to conduct pig pestilence shoot inoculates in an all-round way.


Presented the 5582nd order of third words of people of provincial government with respect on March 5, the 52nd year of the Republic of China, it ratified the name for domestic animal disease office in county of Chang-hua, it assigned the personnel who? worked in construction bureau animal products at that time to make a diagnosis and give treatment.

August of the 53rd year of the Republic of China, expanding the business in order to match up the need, we not only was cooperated by the county office to tie in agricultural association, but also built domestic animal, made a diagnosis and gave treatment in the building in No. Dr.eye: 23-2 Zhongshan Road in revitalizing in the south of the city of Changhua.
Presented the 32356th order of third words of people of provincial government with respect on May 30, the 56th year of the Republic of China, its name was changed to domestic animal's prevention and cure of disease of Changhua county in which have the full-time staffs were engaged in domestic animal's epidemic prevention.


Because open up the expressway overpass in October of the 68th year of the Republic of China, our building was moved to Yun Chang road No. 148 Nan-hsiung Li, Changhua City.
Move the newly-built office to the new address in October of the 72nd year of the Republic of China.

On January 26, the 89th year of the Republic of China, presented eight nine of people of Chang-fu and one word with respect the 17803rd Order, ratify to change its name as animal's epidemic prevention of Changhua county to set up four divisions and 33staffs.

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